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A pioneering social innovation and action learning community
providing systemic thinking and enhancing collaboration across public, charity and private sectors
for leaders who are seeking new ways to bring about positive social change 

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in the world of anxiety
where organisations work in silos

A new world needs new rules

In a polarising world, rewiring our sense of connection has never been more important. Since the end of the second world war, there have been remarkable positive trends in reducing poverty and international conflict, improving health etc, and much of this has been facilitated by cooperation and collaboration.  This was achieved at a time there was a strong sense of shared experience and shared understanding of how leadership worked.

Over the last three decades, has been an erosion in the sense of shared responsibility and order of things, with increasing focus on protectionism rather than the greater good.  Yet, we are more connected than ever through technology, which has propelled even more divisive feelings of “us” and “them” . And so, leading today, requires a vast repertoire of skills. Matched by an openness to draw from an inner well of authenticity.    Statistics tell us that we do not have nearly enough developed leaders, and notably in the charitable sectors, who carry the weight of society’s burdens and the expectation of miracles.


Why is it so important?

The future of our planet relies on our ability as a race to rise above our worldviews and reimagine something else, a fairer world where no one is left behind, least of all in the development of their own capacity to cope with and lead through seismic change, especially how to embrace “the other” and the “unspeakable” that they would rather avoid.

This can only be achieved by developing the skills of collaboration with unlike minds who are willing to come to the table in becoming more creative in how we share resources for a greater collective gain, bridging divides of sector, geography, gender, ethnicity and age, in doing so.

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worldXchange Foundation, incorporated in February 2023, began as a two-year pilot project by the Xenergie Group in 2021.
Named Clusters, the project involved over 100 professionals worldwide collaborating for the benefit relating to ‘partnering to achieve initiatives to drive the greater good’. It was highly recognised by the jury of the UK Business Culture Awards
and also by the European Integral Community in 2022.

worldXchange Foundation’s charitable objective is promoting the education and training of social leaders for public benefit – advancing their efficiency and effectiveness as collaborating across sectors to create socially energised organisations.




 worldXchange benefits leaders, at all levels, involved in social change, notably those involved in charities and not-for-profit, and also those from other sectors who are exploring how  benefitting a wider set of stakeholders and greater good is also good for their people and business, for example in their commitments to better environmental and social governance.

Our methodology, based on the legacy of well-known research institutes of organisational and social development and the practical experience of both seasoned and younger leaders, is helpful to all in rethinking how to energise people around a more purposeful and thriving way of working, that builds critical and meaningful thinking skills, proactive innovation and new kinds of collaborations for the world ahead.  Not only does this improve communication, new strategies also emerge that have the potential to game-change sustainability and outcomes in today's uncertain business context.